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NASSA Flock Number 2248

VSFCP Number NY111661

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Flecket, Yuglet

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Themistocles is an eye catching Moorit Flecket ram. He is basically white with a few cinnamon brown spots very decoratively placed, some like polka-dots on each knee, his ankles, his nose, and freckled ears. He has uglet eyes . His fleece is soft with a fine crimp. . His horns are wide spread. To see our 2018 and 2017 crops of lambs go to poetrybookshetlandssales.blogspot.com I created this blog to accommodate our over flow of sheep that that don't fit on this sales site. I've started to add our 2019 lambs.

Themistocles was awarded First Place in the 2017 Finger Lakes Fiber Festival Raw Fleece competition for his 2017 lamb's fleece. Discounts will apply for group purchases.
We have more lambs available than we have allotted spaces on this web site. We also have a wide selection of older ewes & rams in a variety of colors, including moorit (brown), grey, black, white, & spotted. Feel free to call me on my cell 312-613-0047 ( Susan ) if I don't pick up leave a message.
Sire pedigree info:
Mini-Pedigree for Mapleton Arcadius S35681
(Click Reg Number in mini-pedigree for a full size pedigree)
S: Swiftriver Neville S27717 #53 - Black Tw Ram 2008-03-13
Mapleton Arcadius S35681 #0089 - Moorit Tw Ram 2012-04-04
D: Mapleton Destiny S29935 #0019 - Black/White Flecket Tw Ewe 2009-04-05
Dam pedigree info:
Mini-Pedigree for Poetry Book Pocahontas S46796
(Click Reg Number in mini-pedigree for a full size pedigree)
S: Wild Geese Ulysses S34431 #2060 - Grey Krunet Tw Ram 2011-05-04
Poetry Book Pocahontas S46796 #1211 - Musket S Ewe 2013-04-27
D: Wild Geese Marie Antoinetee S34435 #2062 - Grey Flecket,Yuglet S Ewe 2011-05-22

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