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Nina Skylark

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Nina Skylark is a lovely moorit ewe. Her thick soft cinnamon brown fleece has has a lighter blonder frosting which gives her a beautiful heathery effect. Her mother, Sky, won third place for her 2015 fleece in the raw fleece competition at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival. Nina Skylark is a big sturdy girl with excellent confirmation. To see our 2018 and 2019 crops of lambs go to poetrybookshetlandssales.blogspot.com I created this blog to accommodate our over flow of sheep that that don't fit on this sales site. .

Discounts available for group purchases.
We also have a wide selection of older ewes & rams in a variety of colors, including moorit (brown), grey, black, white, & spotted. Feel free to call me on my cell 312-613-0047 ( Susan ) if I don't pick up leave a message.
Sire pedigree info:
Mini-Pedigree for Mapleton Arcadius S35681
(Click Reg Number in mini-pedigree for a full size pedigree)
S: Swiftriver Neville S27717 #53 - Black Tw Ram 2008-03-13
Mapleton Arcadius S35681 #0089 - Moorit Tw Ram 2012-04-04
D: Mapleton Destiny S29935 #0019 - Black/White Flecket Tw Ewe 2009-04-05
Dam pedigree info:
Mini-Pedigree for Can Too Sky S32399
(Click Reg Number in mini-pedigree for a full size pedigree)
S: Can Too Cherokee S31118 #8218 - Moorit S Ram 2009-04-23
Can Too Sky S32399 #8191 - Moorit Tw Ewe 2010-04-17
D: Can Too Dehliala S27934 #83 - Mioget Smirslet Tw Ewe 2008-04-08

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